Oani Theatre

Oani Theatre presents Lambe Lambe

This event is free & unticketed. Standing only. Each performance lasts 4 minutes and alternates between the 2 shows listed.
_ Time: 12.00, 17.00
_ Duration: 120 mins
_ Age Suitability: 8+
_ Venue: The Terrace

“Lambe Lambe” is a unique form of puppet theatre in which tiny theatrical performances are presented in small, intricately designed boxes, for 1 or 2 audience members at a time. A puppeteer manipulates puppets, objects, props, lighting and sound in a miniature theatrical world, for audience members observing the work through a window, wearing headphones. Each show is its own universe, a secret to share privately. There is no spoken text. Oani Theatre presents an international festival of Lambe Lambe theatre annually in Valparaíso, Chile.

  • 10+, 2 audience members at a time
  • 4 minutes
  • Runs in repertoire with Sabiduría

Afuera tells a story of confinement and liberation using a marionette and a beautifully detailed miniature set.

Author/puppeteer: Camila Landon Vío

Technique: Sticks

Music: Melody of the song “Se esta rua fosse minha”

Lighting: Juan Torres

  • 8+, 2 audience members at a time
  • 4 minutes
  • Runs in repertoire with Afuera

A Chinese child meets a Mapuche (indigenous Chilean) child. Shadow puppetry tells their tale of new discoveries and gaining understanding and wisdom.

Author/puppeteer: Adelaida Loyer Greene

Technique: Shadows

Lighting: Hanz Fonck Becar

Music: Claudio Clavija