Happy Hour

Happy Hour
£5 per device, available from the Courtyard shed any time between 12pm and 9pm. Audio time: 25m - please allow 15m for pickup and drop-off of device.
_ Time:
_ Duration: mins
_ Age Suitability: 16+
_ Venue: Courtyard

No-one said having fun was easy. Hire our 25 minute audio-guide and your new rent-a-friend will help steer the good ship ‘You’ into the wild ocean of the night.

With drink in hand, no-one will ever suspect that you are on the cusp of becoming a radically enhanced version of yourself, about to ace this social situation. With Binge Culture it’s always Happy Hour.

A solo audio experience from New Zealand’s Binge Culture (2017 Total Theatre Award shortlisted).

Pick up a device  from the Shop Shed in the Summerhall Courtyard – you just need to leave a name and number to pick it up.

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