Summerhall Distillery

A Pickering's Gin Jolly

_ Time: 14.00, 16.00, 18.00
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Age Suitability: 18+

Take a gin jolly with Pickering’s Gin in their home at Summerhall Distillery. With a G&T in hand, discover how the former kennels of the Royal (Dick) Vet School came to be Edinburgh’s first exclusive gin distillery in 150 years and Visit Scotland’s best visitor attraction in Edinburgh. You’ll meet Pickering’s two steaming stills, Gertrude and Emily, and sample the botanically engineered gins they produce. Hear the history of Pickering’s Bombay origins and find out how the two builders that renovated Summerhall came to establish an award-winning distillery here.

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