Summerhall Venues

Search our programme by venue running order
  • Anatomy Lecture Theatre

    Through the large swinging doors to the left of the Courtyard

  • Army at the Fringe

    89 East Claremont Street EH7 4HU

  • Basement

    Around the back and underneath the main staircase at reception

  • Bruford at Summerhall

    Around the back of Roundabout and up the stairs

  • Cairns Lecture Theatre

    Up the stairs adjacent from the Roundabout

  • CanadaHub

    One block behind Summerhall

  • Demonstration Room

    Around the back of Roundabout

  • The Dissection Room

    Up the stairs from the Anatomy lobby

  • The Library Gallery

    Adjacent from the Summerhall Cafe in the main building

  • Main Hall

    Up the main staircase as you pass the Box Office

  • Old Lab

    At the end of the Long Corridor from Anatomy

  • Red Lecture Theatre

    In between TechCube and the Main Building

  • Roundabout

    Down the alleyway off the main courtyard

  • The Street

    Around the back of the Royal Dick Pub; Barney's Beer, Pickering's Gin and Locked In

  • Tech Cube 0

    On the ground floor of the TechCube tower block

  • The Terrace

    Along the front of Summerhall; FLIGHT and Drive-by Shooting

  • BBC Radio Drama Studio

    Lower Church behind Roundabout