SKaGeN/KVS, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, TRP, Summerhall


Credit: Danny Willems
"If the Belgian Valentijn Dhaenens is new to you, take a drink in and brace yourself for an unnerving, technically risky and thought-provoking hour"
★★★★ - The Times (on BigMouth)
"Brilliant ... a fascinating experience"
★★★★ - The Guardian (on BigMouth)
"What underlies Onbezongen is a powerful script. The actor Valentijn Dhaenens is quite at home in his role, and is a credible slick operator and woolly smooth-talker."
★★★★ - DeMorgen
"Onbezongen is a play that sows seeds, that makes you think. The sort of play of which there should be more"
★★★★ - Het Nieuwsblad
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_ Time: 12.00
_ Duration: 75 mins
_ Age Suitability: 14+
_ Venue: Main Hall

The makers of BigMouth return with a thrilling, relevant new show, delving deeply into the politician’s life and exposing those juicy backstage scenes we all look for and asking why anyone seeks recognition in a job that is known to be the most unpopular ever. Valentijn Dhaenens’ performance unravels the DNA of the politician, creating a personage that mesmerises and repulses. While the world’s asleep, follow this political animal as he pulls into yet another hotel, peels off yet another white shirt, peps himself up for yet another speech. Today, we give you the all-time politician: the power junkie, rogue, strategist, but also the husband, father, and in the end, the very lonely human.

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