Gema Galiana and Anthony Nikolchev's The Useless Room

The Last One

"Innovative & evocative...raises bar of artistic standards....The honor of being truly exceptional offerings of the festival could easily go to American play ‘The Last One’ by Gema Galiana."
Daily Excelsior (2018 International Theatre Olympics)
"A physical tour-de-force"
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_ Time: 18.30
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Age Suitability: 12+

The Last One is brutal physical theatre created by Gema Galiana and Anthony Nikolchev. Evoked by the song of the last Kauai O’o bird, waiting for a response that will never come to its call for a mate.  Drawing on the metaphysically anxious writings of Polish artist and writer Witkacy to create a piece which fights against our inertia towards destruction.