Lisa Richards

The Egg Is A Lonely Hunter

Eoghan O'Brien
"While the skillful use of lighting adds volumes to her stage presence, the real power of her monologue is in this sensuous storytelling and the physical skill, which complements it"
The Reviews Hub
"Channelling an eloquently deadpan Alan Rickman, Mamalis’s performance finds existential dread in the dull and nauseating detritus of our lives."
The Irish Times
"Funny and written with linguistic verve"
_ Time: 14.45
_ Duration: 55 mins
_ Age Suitability: 12+

Sophie works in a shop. She suffers from an irrational fear of eggs. Her nipples are behaving strangely and a black hole has appeared in her neighbourhood that could be / probably is a pervert. While precocious eight year olds and prophetic animals lurk around every corner, her dreams and reality begin to blur beyond comprehension or control. And worst of all, one of her favourite socks is missing. The Egg is a Lonely Hunter is a dark, comedic odyssey about beached whales, black holes and the redeeming power of eggs.

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