Famous Puppet Death Scenes

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Famous Puppet Death Scenes

"Exquisite… boundless invention"
Variety Magazine
"One of the best shows of the year… not to be missed"
Globe and Mail
"Visually stunning and endlessly entertaining"
LA Times
_ Time: 20.30, 22.30
_ Duration: 70 mins
_ Age Suitability: 16+

Behold: the eternal masterwork of puppetry for adults finally comes to Edinburgh! Willingly undergo a heart-wrenching parade of theatrical demises that will severely exacerbate your fear of death. All your favourite scenes are there: Edward’s Last Prance by Samuel Groanswallow, The Feverish Heart by Nordo Frot, Why I Am So Sad by Sally, and the unforgettable Bipsy’s Mistake from Bipsy and Mumu Go to the Zoo by Fun Freddy!

This show contains stage fog, strobe lighting, abrupt noises, unnecessary cruelty to inanimate objects, and hot hot puppet nudity.  Not recommended for the emotionally fragile.  Please weep uncontrollably only into the buckets provided.  Only darkness awaits.

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