Nina’s Drag Queens

Alma, a Human Voice

Credit: Valentina Bianchi
" Simply an hour of pure pleasure"
Fausto Malcovati, Hystrio
"ALMA works as a sort of invitation to discover how we encounter the world. (...) Chapeau."
Michele Pascarella, Gagarin Magazine
_ Time: 11.50
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Age Suitability: 12+
_ Venue: Old Lab

The Italian company Nina’s Drag Queens explores drag queen aesthetics, blending songs, film extracts and lip-syncing with theatre, live acting and choreography.

In Alma, two characters are driven mad by love: painter Oskar Kokoschka, who constructed a life size doll of his ex-lover Alma Mahler, and the nameless woman who delivers the telephone monologue to her ex-lover in Cocteau’s La Voix Humaine. Intertwining these stories of final goodbyes with an ironic touch, between woman as muse and woman as victim of love, a male actor in drag investigates femininity.

Written and performed by Lorenzo Piccolo, directed by Alessio Calciolari, translated by Maggie Rose.

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